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Blogging is . . .dead?

Maybe I just don’t have my ear to the ground, but I missed the obituary for blogging, and I refuse to believe it is any more “dead” than Elvis or Tupac.

The New York Times recently ran an article highlighting the decline of blogging as a social medium amongst younger users, citing the rising popularity of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as a primary cause.  This is hardly surprising.  Having been, and striving to eternally be a young person, I can testify that short, easily exchanged communiques are preferred to long format passages 10 to 1.  Lots of my fellow millenials have forsaken the phone call on the grounds that it is much more time consuming and less convenient than text messaging.  The short post formats and high degree of share-ability offered by newer social media platforms lend themselves more handily to this type of communication. (more…)


Sunday Staple

Rob Tornoe
What Sunday would be complete without some comix?

On Digital Branding

An obvious trend in spending within the past decade is that much more spending is being done online.  The U.S. Census Bureau reports that, in 2009, retail e-commerce topped 145 billion dollars.  Every physical retail entity possesses an online extension, and many  “pure” retailers exist exclusively online.  Virtually any item or service desired can be obtained online, from delivered groceries to custom Michael Jackson sneakers.  A new, typically more tech-savvy generation is on the rise, fueling this trend.  Already they are reaching an age where their dollars are the most sought after, and as they mature and their pocketbooks grow, it can only be assumed that online purchasing will become the rule rather than the exception for a generation that seems to collectively conduct its entire life through an iPhone.